Jondeokjeong Pavilion on Gwallamji Pond at Huwon Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palce in Seoul

Jondeokjeong Pavilion on Gwallamji Pond

Jondeokjeong Pavilion is a hexagonal, two story roof pavilion. On the underside of the painted ceiling are two dragons playing with a wish fulfilling jewel. This jewel is known as a cintamani. The painting is symbolic of total royal authority.


A tablet hangs on the north side of the pavilion that reads “All streams of the world have moons reflected on them, but there is only one moon in the sky. The moon in the sky is me, the king, and the streams are you, my subjects.” This plaque reiterates that King Sejong desired full royal authority over the people of his country.

Jondeokjeong Pavilion is located on a small and peaceful pond with wonderful views of the surrounding garden. The pavilion would have been a peaceful retreat for anyone in the royal family that would have wanted to rest and relax.