Aeryeonjeong Pavilion at Huwon Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palce

Aeryeonjeong Pavilion on a calm pond surrounded by autumn foliage

Aeryeonjeong Pavilion is a small square pavilion located on Aeryeonji Pond. It was first constructed in 1692 during the reign of King Sukjong. The pavilion was originally located on a small island in the middle of the pond. After the island was removed, the building was relocated to its current location on the side of the pond.

The first son of King Sukjong, Crown Prince Hyomyeong, often visited here to relax and contemplate state affairs. The location makes it a very peaceful and popular area of the garden.

The name means “love of lotuses” which King Sukjong was very fond of.

This pavilion is one of the only buildings at Changdeokgung Palace that faces north. This location allowed more light for reading and contemplation. Another pavilion that faces north is Uiduhap.