Changdeokgung Chinese Juniper

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The 750 year old Changdeokgung Chinese Juniper At Changdeokgung Palace

The 750 year old Changdeokgung Chinese Juniper

This tree that stands here, known as the Changdeokgung Chinese juniper, is thought to be over 750 years old. The tree measures in at 12 meters (40 feet) high and 5.9 meters (19 feet) in circumference.

These types of trees were often used during rituals for incense because of their aroma. Chinese juniper trees were commonly used for incense during rituals by worshipers who visited the nearby Seonwonjeon Shrine.

If you take a tour of the Huwon Secret Garden, the tree will be located on the left hand side as you exit the tour and walk back out to the palace.