Nowon Culture Street

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Art on Culture Street near Nowon Station in Seoul

Art on Culture Street near Nowon Station

Nowon Culture Street, located near Nowon Station in northeast Seoul, is a government created entertainment and shopping district known for its nightlife. This district might not be the most well known in Seoul, but it still offers visitors a wide variety of nightlife including restaurants and bars without the huge crowds.

The best time to visit this unique place is at night when the area is packed with people enjoying shopping, food, and entertainment. Even in the middle of the week you can expect to find a crowd. Outdoors performances often are held on Saturday evenings.

If you are hungry, then look no further. Almost every kind of Korean restaurant along with almost every type of street food can be found here.

If you are not hungry you can stay entertained by artwork, bars, karaoke bars, and places to listen to music and dance.

Nowon Culture Street in Seoul at night

Nowon Culture Street at night

Generally, prices here are lower than in other locations of the city and therefore it has become a popular area to visit for shopping deals and a cheap, but great, dinner. Many of the buildings are packed with multiple floors of delicious restaurants. If you need to shop, you can find everything from Nike shoes, sports apparel, cell phone accessories, and more.

Many sculptures and pieces of art can be found while walking down Culture Street. Stop and enjoy them all at your own pace. When you reach the Lotte Department Store, head up to the top floor from a great view of the city.

Statues found on Nowon Culture Street in Seoul

Statues found on Nowon Culture Street

Mural on the side of a building on Culture Street near Nowon Station in Seoul

Unique and colorful mural found on the side of a building

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Directions To Nowon Culture Street

  • Take Subway Line 4 to Nowon Station (Exit 2).
    After exiting, turn left and continue straight.


  • 24 hours


  • Free