Jungbu Dried Seafoods Market

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Jungbu Dried Seafoods Market in Seoul, Korea

Jungbu Dried Seafoods Market in Seoul, Korea

Jungbu Dried Seafoods Market is one of the best shopping spots to find large assortments of dried seafood at prices 30% less than other places in Seoul. Dried seafood items sold here include laver (seaweed), anchovies, squid, pollack, and more. The size of the items vary from the very small to large, full fish.

Most sellers specialize in one or two items which allows for competitive pricing and to ensure the best and freshest quality.

The best time to visit is in the morning or early afternoon. This is when the everything in the market is most alive and interesting and when most of the stalls are open.

Walking from end to end only takes a few minutes but will give you a great sense of the layout of the area. When you see something interesting, stop and take a closer view. Take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the dried seafood being sold at nearly every stall. Its quite a sight and makes you feel like a local.

Small, dried anchovies, known as myeolchi (멸치), Jungbu Dried Seafoods Market, Seoul, Korea

Small, dried anchovies, known as myeolchi (멸치)

Walking through Jungbu Market (Chungbu Market)

Vendors selling all sorts of seafood items

Jungbu Market (Chungbu Market) in Seoul

Jungbu Market

Larger varieties of fish for sale at Jungbu Market (Chungbu Market)

Larger varieties of fish

Dried seaweed at Jungbu Market (Chungbu Market)

Dried seaweed