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Sukjeongmun Gate in Seoul

Sukjeongmun Gate

Sukjeongmun Gate is the most northern of the Four Main Gates of Seoul Fortress. It is also known as Bukdaemun, literally meaning North Big Gate. When originally built in 1396, it was known as Sukcheongmun. In the 16th century, it was renamed to Sukjeongmun, which means Rule Solemnly Gate.

Sukjeongmun was built north of Seoul behind Gyeongbokgung Palace. Because of its location, it was barely used. Its main use was only for ceremonious and symbolic functions.

Know Before You Go

Access to the area requires identification such as a passport. Those without proper identification will be denied entry.

Closed on Mondays.

This northern gate represents water and shady energy according to Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements. Because of this, the passageway was left open during droughts of the Joseon period.

The current gatehouse dates back only to 1976 as the original was destroyed during a fire and has since been rebuilt

Access to Sukjeongmun Gate requires a walk up many stairs

Access requires an uphill climb up many stairs

Checkpoint to access Sukjeongmun Gate in Seoul

Checkpoint to access the gate

In 1968, North Korean commandos passed through this area as they attempted to infiltrate the nearby Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House), the residence of the president of South Korea. Their goal was to assassinate president Park Chung-hee. Their mission failed.

After the failed attack, public access to the surrounding area was terminated due to security issues. In 2007, the gate was reopened to the public.

Today, those wishing to access Sukjeongmun must bring identification such as a passport. Photos of soldiers in the area or towards the presidential residence are strictly forbidden.

Beautiful gate artwork of Sukjeongmun

Beautiful gate artwork

The fortress wall leading down hill from Sukjeongmun Gate

The fortress wall leading down hill from the gate

A view through the gate of door Sukjeongmun Gate

A view through the gate door

Corner view of Sukjeongmun Gate

One of the corners of the gate