Changuimun Gate (Jahamun Gate)

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Changuimun Gate, also known as Jahamun Gate in Seoul

Changuimun Gate, also known as Jahamun Gate

Changuimun Gate, located in northern Seoul, is one of the Four Small Gates of Seoul Fortress. In the past, the gate has also been known as Jahamun and Buksosomun. Construction started in 1396 during the beginning years of the Joseon Dynasty.

Built north of the city, Changuimun became a major link between the city and areas to the north. The Joseon Dynasty built this gate with the purpose of protecting the capital city, known then as Hanyang.

Changuimun was constructed using granite and features an arched entrance. The original wooden gatehouse was destroyed by a fire during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, also known as the Imjin War.

The gate was rebuilt almost 150 years later in 1740 and is now one of the oldest remaining gates in Seoul.

Today, visitors can walk through the passageway to view each side of the gate and are allowed to take the stairs up to the gatehouse. In the past, access to the gatehouse was not allowed. Access may change at any time.

A view of the painted underside of the roof inside the gatehouse of Changuimun Gate

A view of the painted underside of the roof inside the gatehouse

Beautiful and intricate artwork found on Changuimun Gate

Beautiful and intricate artwork

Changuimun Gate door

Changuimun Gate door

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Directions To Changuimun Gate (Jahamun Gate)

  • Take Subway Line 1 to Jonggak Station (Exit 3).
    From here, take city bus 7022 at Jeil Bank to Jahamun Tunnel.


  • 24 hours


  • Free


  • GPS Coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) of Changuimun Gate Jahamun Gate : 37.592625,126.966521.