Paldalmun Gate

Paldalmun Gate at Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon
Historic gate surrounded by roads and traffic

Paldalmun Gate, also known as Nammun, is located on the southern section of Hwaseong. It is surrounded by busy streets and shops in the middle of Suwon.

Constructed began in 1794, during the reign of King Jeongjo. A plaque of the names of those who helped build the structure are located on the right wall.

Surrounding one side is a crescent shaped wall known as an ongseong. This secondary wall adds protection to the main wall which was often attacked by enemies with logs. The passageway was purposely made wide enough to allow the king’s vehicles and horses to pass through.

Luckily, during the Korean War it was not damaged. Since then, the roof has deteriorated and damage has been found on the walls. A full scale restoration project to repair and restore the roof began in September 2010.

Paldalmun is National Treasure Number 402.