Dongbukgongsimdon (Northeastern Watchtower)

Dongbukgongsimdon (Northeastern Watchtower) at Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon
Used by troops to survey area for enemies

Dongbukgongsimdon (동북공심돈) is the northeastern watchtower. Its nickname is “Conch Shell Tower.”

This watchtower was used by troops to survey the surrounding area for enemy movement and for any signs of attack.

Construction was completed on July 19, 1796. When completed, it was the first of its kind at Hwaseong Fortress. Seobukgongsimdon
(Northwestern Watchtower)
is very similar and still exists today.

The design features a large circular shape. The design makes it the one of the most fascinating structures at Hwaseong Fortress. These spiral stairs inside lead to the top floor of the tower.