Bukdongjeokdae (Northeastern Gate Turret)

Bukdongjeokdae (Northeastern Gate Turret) 2013-09-19T08:55:51+00:00
Bukdongjeokdae (Northeastern Gate Turret) at Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon

Turret used to thwart enemy advancements

Bukdongjeokdae (북동적대), the northeastern gate turret, is strategically located at the front of the fortress. It was intended to thwart enemies advancing towards the fortress wall. It is located near Janganmun Gate.

The wall features narrow vertical openings, called embrasures. These openings allow archers to attack enemy invaders below without exposing themselves.

A pair of these, known as jeokdaes, are located at both Janganmun Gate and Paldalmun Gate. The other jeokdae is Bukseojeokdae (Northwestern Gate Turret).