Airport Taxi

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International taxi stand at Incheon International Airport

International taxi stand outside the arrivals hall

Taking an airport taxi from the Incheon International Airport to destinations in the Seoul area is ideal for those who want hassle free door to door transportation. An airport taxi is ideal for larger groups, those with large or extra luggage, or if you don’t have exact directions to your destination. If you need to get to Incheon or Gyeonggi, then a taxi is a great option.

Though often more expensive than the Airport Railroad (AREX) or limousine bus, you will be more comfortable and arrive at your exact location stress free without having to carry large pieces of luggage through crowded stations and sidewalks.

Finding the taxi stand is simple. Just exit the Passengers Terminal and follow the signs towards the stand. At the stand, there are often workers who speak English who can help you with any questions. They can direct you to the correct taxi to get to your destination.

Regular taxis can take up to four passengers at a time. The base fare is 2,400 won for the first 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). A 20% surcharge is added between the hours of 24:00 and 4:00.

Deluxe taxis can also handle up to four passengers. The base fare is 4,500 won for the first 3 kilometers (1.8 miles). There is no surcharge between 24:00 and 4:00. These vehicles are more comfortable, spacious, and often offer a higher level of service and safety.

Airport Taxi Fares

Approximate prices in won to :

Seoul City Hall – 60 minutes
Standard : 44,000
Late Night : 52,800
Deluxe : 80,000

Jamisil Lotte World – 75 minutes
Standard : 55,000
Late Night : 66,000
Deluxe : 90,000

Yeongdeungpo Station – 55 minutes
Standard : 43,000
Late Night : 51,600
Deluxe : 70,000

Gimpo Airport – 40 minutes
Standard : 34,000
Late Night : 40,800
Deluxe : 52,000

Dongincheon – 35 minutes
Standard : 25,000
Late Night : 30,800
Deluxe : 42,000

Incheon Bus Terminal – 40 minutes
Standard : 28,000
Late Night : 34,800
Deluxe : 48,000