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Ten Story Buddha Relic Stupa at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul

This ten story stupa houses a relic of the Buddha

The Ten Story Buddha Relic Stupa houses a relic of the Buddha which was brought here by a monk after it was given to him by the royal court of Thailand.

The monk, Anagarika Dharmapala (1864-1933), was given the relic by the King of Thailand. Dharmapala then brought the relic to Korea and finally to Jogyesa Temple.

When the relic, or sarira, first arrived here, it was housed inside the dharma hall. At the time, Jogyesa Temple was known as Gakhwangsa Temple.

In 1930, a seven story stupa was constructed to hold the sarira. In 1937 it was moved to its current location outside Daeungjeon, the main dharma hall.

In October 2009, the new octagonal stupa seen here today was built. The stupa was built for the 100 anniversary of Jogyesa Temple. It measures in at 15 meters (50 feet) tall.

The stupa has eight sides which represent the noble path. The ten stories represent the ten virtuous actions.

If you are wondering about the old stupa that dates back to 1930, it is now now housed at the Korean Buddhist History and Culture Center.


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