Iljumun (One Pillar Gate)

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Iljumun (One Pillar Gate) at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul

Iljumun (One Pillar Gate)

Iljumun (One Pillar Gate) is the colorful and large main gate into holy Jogyesa Temple. Daeungjeon (Main Dharma Hall), can be seen in the background. The name derives from the single, horizontal post, which symbolizes one mind. It is said that when people walk through, all scattered minds become one.

The signboard at the top of indicates the status of the Jogyesa as being the Head Temple of Korean Buddhism. The signboard was inaugurated in October, 2007.

After passing through the gate, you will arrive at large Daeungjeon (Main Dharma Hall) along with two trees which are over 450 years old, Baeksong (Lacebark Pine Tree) and the Chinese Scholar Tree.

Reverse side of Iljumun Gate at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul

Reverse side of the gate


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