Beomjongru (Brahma Bell Pavilion)

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Beomjongru (Brahma Bell Pavillion) at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul

Beomjongru (Brahma Bell Pavillion)

Beomjongru (Brahma Bell Pavilion) is a colorful building that houses four temple instruments which are played before morning and evening chanting. The four instruments are the Brahma Bell, Dharma Drum, Cloud Gong, and Wooden Fish.

Everyday, the Brahma Bell rings 28 times in the morning and 33 times in the evening, which is meant to save those from suffering in the world through the dharma.

The Dhara Drum, Wooden Fish, and a metal Cloud Gong are meant to save those on land, in the sea, and in the sky and space.

The design of the building and the different colors are a very beautiful sight. You can walk up the stairs to get a close up view of the building and of the instruments housed inside.


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