Jajeongjeon Hall

The King's Living Room
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Jajeongjeon Hall was used by the king as his living room at Gyeonghuigung Palace

Jajeongjeon Hall was used by the king as his living room

Jajeongjeon Hall was a hall that was used by the king for meetings with his royal council and also for his own personal use as a living room. In this building, the king held meetings with his subjects and also supervised academic competitions.

When King Sukjong died in 1720, the hall was then used as a binjeon. This was the name of the location in the royal residence where the coffin of a king or queen was held prior to burial. It was also used to temporary hold the eojin, or royal portrait or memorial tablet of the king.

The building was dismantled during the occupation of Korea by the Japanese. After, the government of Korea restored the building to its original design according to Seogwoldoan, which includes sketches of buildings of the western palace.

Jajeongjeon Hall was constructed between 1617 and 1620.


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