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Beautiful but modest construction of Honghwamun Gate at Changgyeonggung Palace

Beautiful but modest design

Honghwamun Gate, first constructed in 1484, is the main gate of Changgyeonggung Palace. It was here were the king received ordinary people and citizens. The design of is quite modest for a royal residence. This reason led to the addition of a pair of sipjagak (bell pavilions) on each side of the structure.

In 1616, the gate was rebuilt after being destroyed during the Japanese invasion of 1592.

The bridge seen in front is known as Okcheongjo Bridge. The bridge, which is over 500 years old, is a symbol of entry into the courtyard. The stream which flows below the bridge is known as Geumcheon Stream. This feature is common at other royal palaces in Seoul.

Side view of Honghwamun Gate at Changgyeonggung Palace

View from the side


  • GPS Coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) : 37.57885, 126.99644.

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